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Necessity is the mother of Invention

The year was 1984.

Mike was a shy kid growing up on the south shore of Long Island and hadn't dated many girls before he met Linda, a spit-fire blonde from Brooklyn. Mike was 17, wore a leather jacket, and thought he was tough. Linda was the epitome of an 80's "disco girl", complete with painted-on jeans, big hair, and an even bigger attitude. She was 15, ultra-confident, and quickly put him in his place...and just like that, he was hooked.

After what felt like an endless summer of lazy days followed by countless hours talking late into the night, he eventually worked up the nerve to finally ask her to officially be his "girlfriend".

Eight years later they were still madly in love and their relationship was going strong. They each completed high school, graduated college, endured grad school, and finally got settled into their respective vocations: Linda became a joyful preschool teacher, and the newly licensed "Dr. Mike" Wild began living out his childhood dream as a Doctor of Chiropractic. They married, decided to move to Richmond, and started a family.

It seemed like a scene right out of a Norman Rockwell painting...a young happy couple raising one boy and one girl, living in a beautiful home in the suburbs, complete with a picket fence and even a dog in the yard. Life was good.

Then in October of 2001, right after the entire world was horrifically shaken by the falling of the Twin Towers, Dr. Wild and Linda's perfect little life was also ripped inside-out and flipped upside-down. That was when at the young age of 33, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Dr. Wild was absolutely shell-shocked. How could something like this happen to someone like her? Someone young, vibrant, and by all of our culture's standard definitions apparently healthy?

They sought out the brightest doctors and began the best medical care available. Unfortunately, however, even the "best" care had its drawbacks. The medical treatment that Linda received for that cancer...the traditional route which included multiple weeks of daily radiation therapy...ended up burning her skin, accidentally damaged her Thyroid gland, and worst of all, that radiation inadvertently also actually created a completely separate type of cancer!

This new malignancy was an extremely aggressive form of cancer admittedly caused by the daily radiation of her cells, silently and microscopically growing in Linda's blood vessels and traveling throughout her body. It eventually snowballed out of control, growing into a tumor that breached her skin and became blatantly obvious. The new cancer was called "AngioSarcoma", and her prognosis was bleak. Once AngioSarcoma is diagnosed, approximately 90% of people will die within 2-3 months, and typically the remaining 10% will not live more than 2 years at most.

True to its reputation, the AngioSarcoma rapidly spread, taking over Linda's entire body and quickly robbing her of her health, happiness, and vitality. It infiltrated her organs, creating 7 tumors in her liver and another in her pelvis the size of a volleyball. It whittled away at her bones, causing extreme unbearable pain, and eventually even causing her right leg to snap like a brittle twig just below her hip as she walked. It was horrible.

Dr. Wild knew that something very different had to be done to help her, something completely out of the box, if she was going to avoid becoming just another sad statistic.

He realized that rather than simply continuing to treat the obvious signs of cancer, such as cutting out an offending tumor, poisoning both sick AND healthy cells with chemo, or burning suspected rogue tissue with radiation, a completely different approach was needed.

He needed to actually get to the source of the problem.

This is when he started intently researching the hidden underlying cellular mechanisms that go wrong to eventually form chronic diseases such as cancer. He quickly created protocols at that time to improve not just the quality but the quantity of Linda's life. And as he got to work, his protocols started to work.

Linda's body began to fight back. Her immune system kicked in and tried its best to destroy the cancer cells faster than they could form. She started to feel better AND heal better, enabling her to begin enjoying life again, especially the precious time she spent with our children.

By the Fall of 2014, Linda had already far outlived her original dreaded prognosis...
3 1/2 full years instead of just the 2 months that was predicted, which by then was approximately 15x longer than her top AngioSarcoma expert could ever imagine. Linda's body was actually killing this "beast" and saving her life!

Then, in an unexplainable turn of events, the unimaginable happened. Linda's brain suddenly and unexpectantly stopped allowing her prescription pain-blocking narcotics to work. It was called a "Central Nervous System Rejection". In that split-second instant, she was flooded with the unbearable sensation of all of the tumors stretching and breaking her bones simultaneously, searing her mind as a red hot tidal wave crashed over her entire body. And just like that, her brain "snapped" under the extreme pressure. All she could do was flail her arms to scratch and tear at the walls, trembling and screaming, blind to the fact that Dr. Wild was standing right in front of her calling her name. He tried in vain to lift her, to hold her, to comfort her. But it was no use. There was absolutely nothing he could do.

He rushed her to the hospital where they tried a variety of pain-killing cocktails over a 2 week period in an attempt to allow her brain to take back control. However, during this necessary 2-week long hospital stay, Linda was unable to continue any of the intense daily health-enhancing immune-strengthening protocols he had created for her. Day by day, he sat by her side and sadly watched as her organs started to fail little by little, slowly but steadily succumbing to the underlying cancer which was now free to regain its hold on her body. Finally, sadly, she could fight back no more.

Linda was only 46 when she died. 

Dr. Wild was devastated, gravely dismayed, and now, steadfastly determined.

He vowed to never again sit idly by and watch while those around him simply slowly deteriorated. He became convicted that a drastic change was necessary to not only help us feel better, but to truly help all of us heal better...and that he would offer his help in making this change to all who wanted his assistance.

Dr. Wild's holistic healing practice grew out of an obvious need for a different approach to health and wellness, and an overwhelming sense of purpose to provide it. After watching Linda, the love of his life for 30 years, suffer and die so young following our country's traditional approach to disease treatment, Dr. Wild solemnly vowed to never let someone he cared about die from a preventable disease ever again! 

Through his research, Dr. Wild discovered the scientifically proven underlying cause of the vast majority of ill-health plaguing us today.

Something which affects the health and well-being of nearly everyone to some degree.

Most importantly, he discovered that this "hidden" cause was something he could help prevent, stop, and even reverse.

This common denominator has been determined to be at the core of developing all manner of chronic diseases, such as:

Cardiovascular Disease (heart disease and stroke)


Cancer (of all types)

Dementia and Alzheimer's

and even the hundreds of various Autoimmune Disorders.

This often-overlooked hidden common denominator found to be the underlying cause of the majority of chronic diseases is known as

Chronic Cellular Inflammation and Toxicity.

His conviction to overcome this hidden enemy to our health ultimately lead to the development of what he refers to today as

Dr. Wild's 
Cellular Healing CycleTMa 6-step system designed to correct & prevent this root cause of all types of chronic disease.

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As a result of years of studying how to detect and correct Chronic Cellular Inflammation, Dr. Wild is now able to dramatically help shift his patient's health away from cellular dysfunction and disease, and toward a long life of abundant wellness.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and not living the life you were meant to live, think about this...

Today 9 out of 10 Americans are dying from preventable diseases that are in fact reversible.  We aren't living longer, we're dying longer.

The third leading cause of death in America behind cardiovascular disease and cancer is conventional medicine. Taking more and more dangerous drugs is not the answer to stopping preventable and reversible illnesses. It's been said that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result". Are you ready to do something different?

It's time to think outside the box. Time to choose "the road less traveled" if you want to arrive at a different destination. So where do you begin?

Why not start at the beginning...with the basic unit of life...the level of your cells. We each live and die at a cellular level. Doesn't it make sense to start here and to repair our cells to get well?

Ultimately, when you save your cells you save yourself.

It's time to change course away from expensive, dangerous, and often ineffective conventional medical therapies and choose a safe, effective, alternative route to wellness.

Dr. Wild can remove the guesswork and develop an individualized, personal game-changing winning strategy that will add years to your life and life to your years.

Why wait another day to begin your journey back to wellness, when you can choose to work closely with a guide who will be with you each and every step of the way? 

The old way of doing things simply doesn't work.

It's time for something new. Something different.

It's time to get your life back. 

It's time for Dr. Wild's Advanced Health Restoration Solutions.

What makes us as unique as you are?

Dr. Wild recognizes that each of us is as different on the inside as we are on the outside.

Research shows that our genes are NOT our destiny. The unique genetic blueprint you were born with is influenced by all of the physical, emotional, and chemical toxic stresses to which you have been personally exposed over your lifetime. Your past and current life stresses (both good and bad) affect your actual gene "expression", or how those genes turn on and off to regulate the health you are experiencing today.

You are a unique individual with unique health challenges, requiring unique health solutions based on YOUR body...using new & different ways of thinking.

Dr. Wild’s one-of-a-kind "BioFunctional Chiropractic™" Method (a combination of BioHacking, Functional Medicine, and Chiropractic Care) uses cutting-edge tests and technology to reveal the hidden Internal biochemical and External biomechanical body imbalances that are causing your pain or health problem, and allows us to carefully craft a personal game plan to fix you fast and for good.

Cutting-Edge Concepts

Dr. Wild uses advanced scientific "short-cuts" to help you both feel better and heal better than your ever thought possible, and faster than you could imagine. Using unique BioHacking techniques, we get you maximum results in minimum time. You really have to experience it to believe it.

Advanced Lab Testing

Having practiced Functional Medicine for over a dozen years, Dr. Wild continues to identify and utilize the most effective testing procedures to identify the specific causes and solutions for your pain & health problems. 

Thinking Outside the Box

If you continue to do "the same old things", you will continue to get "the same old results"... results which have typically led to 
repeated failure.  It's time to change what you're doing and why you're doing it in order to achieve the successful outcome you're looking for.

Bio-individual Protocols

No two of our patients/clients ever have the exact same health challenges and therefore, never require the exact same healing gameplan. For this reason, Dr. Wild treats you as the unique individual you are. You won't find any cookie-cutter approaches to healthcare here.  

Our Mission

We realize that the basic unit of human life is the single cell,
and simply put

if your cells aren't well, 
you can't be well.

We acknowledge that our bodies are imbued with the ability
to self-heal and self-regulate for optimal health & well-being,
as long as there is no interference to the function of our cells.

We recognize that the most common damage to our cells
comes from hidden
Chronic Interference, Inflammation, and Toxicity
from various sources.

We are devoted to detecting and correcting these sources
thereby restoring health and wholeness to each of our patients.

We transform people suffering with
chronic pain and health problems
from a point 
feeling bad and failing health
to a place of
feeling better and functioning fully

so they can finally just get back
to the life they were meant to live.




Dr. Wild's 30+ years of natural healthcare experience have led him to discover an extremely effective combination of health and healing practices:

Functional Medicine
finding the true underlying cause of your health problem and fixing it
by analyzing and balancing the systems of your body
rather than simply temporarily treating your symptoms

Chiropractic Care
detecting and correcting spinal joint and nerve stress
to restore optimum brain-body communication

using scientific short-cuts, tools, and techniques
to rapidly improve your health & performance

blending the proven benefits of all 3
into his unique method called

Functional ChiroHackingTM

The synergy created through this combination is far more powerful than
the benefits of any one service by itself.


How We Help You

Functional Medicine

What Do Our Patients Think About Working with Us?

Anne Craven

Since meeting Dr. Wild and beginning his program I have been able to go off my anti depressant, and no longer have UTI’s.  I have not needed an antibiotic, or needed Ibuprofen for 11 months... I have not had sudden cramping in my legs at night, or numbing feelings in my feet.

I have learned so much from Dr.Wild about cellular health, and how it affects every system in your body. This past year has been a learning process that has ultimately led to lifestyle changes that have greatly improved my life.

Janet Walsh 

I have been sick most of my life, struggling with severe back pain, weak immune system, and autoimmune diseases including Graves Disease, Hypothyroidism, Asthma, and arthritis. Dr. Wild's whole person approach toward health with chiropractic, supplementation, natural remedies like cellular detox, advanced testing, and dietary coaching have reversed the effects of these diseases.


Tasha Skillin

Dr. Wild provides an amazing program and coaching on how to reverse the damage we have accumulated and done to ourselves over our lives. I've learned so much about cellular health, where the fatigue, the joint and muscle pain, and the GI upset were coming from and now I am healing after being told for a few years that I was "perfectly healthy according to my lab numbers" from my traditional doctors.

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